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What’s on in London this weekend

What’s on in London this weekend

London is poised for a weekend filled with diverse experiences, ranging from melodic tunes and hands-on crafts to secret concerts, festive markets, and a whimsical city made of gingerbread. Here’s a glimpse into the captivating events waiting to unfold.

Viva La Musica Latin Night

Date: 2nd Dec
Location: Luna Gin Bar, West Hampstead
Website: Viva La Música

Embark on a musical journey at Viva La Musica at Luna Gin Bar. This event promises an evening of soul-stirring melodies and rhythmic beats. Sip on exquisite gin concoctions, immerse yourself in the tunes and enjoy a harmonious start to the weekend.


Wreath Making

Date: 8th Dec
Location: Kenwood Dairy, Hampstead Heath
Website: Wreath Making 

Channel your creativity at this wreath making event hosted by Heath Hands. Located in the heart of Hampstead Heath, this hands-on workshop allows participants to craft their own festive wreaths. Dive into the world of seasonal foliage, colour, and textures as you create a personalised masterpiece. It’s a wonderful opportunity to craft a festive decoration for your front door whilst showcasing your artistic flair.


Sofar Sounds

Date: 2nd Dec
Location: Hampstead Heath
Website: Sofar Sounds

For those craving a unique and intimate musical encounter, Sofar Sounds promises an  immersive and personal secret concert experience. With the venue only disclosed at the last moment, these exclusive events feature emerging and established artists. Discover new sounds, enjoy live music, and relish the mystery of Sofar Sounds this weekend.

Wembley Park Festive Market

Date: 2nd Dec
Location: Wembley Park
Website: Wembley Park Festive Market

Wembley Park transforms into a winter wonderland during its Festive Market. Explore a bustling array of stalls offering seasonal treats and handcrafted gifts. The market is adorned with twinkling lights, creating a festive atmosphere that captures the magic of the season. Whether you’re shopping for unique gifts or indulging in winter treats, the Wembley Park Festive Market is a delightful destination for a weekend outing.


The Gingerbread City

Date: 2nd Dec to 7th Jan
Location: Westfield London
Website: The Gingerbread City®


Step into a world of whimsy at The Gingerbread City. This unique exhibition showcases intricate and edible architectural marvels created entirely from gingerbread. Located in London, the cityscape features sugary skyscrapers, candy-coated houses, and sweet streets. It’s a visual feast that delights visitors of all ages and offers a playful perspective on the art of architecture.


This weekend London beckons with an array of experiences to savour and enjoy. So, embrace the weekend with open arms and dive into the magic that awaits in the heart of our vibrant city.


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