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Managing tenants and properties can be both challenging and time-consuming for landlords. It’s also easy to get things wrong in an ever-changing legal landscape. Because we’ve worked in the area since 2011, we know the best local people to help keep your investments in the best condition. Our training and experience ensure you stay compliant with contented tenants.
Finding You High-Quality Tenants

Embarking on the journey to becoming a landlord can feel exciting as you learn all about your new responsibilities. With over 200 pieces of legislation that affect your investment, it can also feel overwhelming.

At Vita Properties, our team have worked hard to achieve their Association of Residential Landlord (ARLA) qualifications to ensure that your property is fully compliant with the laws. This means you’re never at risk of the huge fines that can be imposed upon you, or worse things, like endangering lives.

This knowledge is regularly updated to keep abreast of, what can be, a frequently changing landscape. We can help you to ensure your property and paperwork meets all the legal requirements, taking much of the stress away from you.

When it comes to finding tenants, we will help you with all the marketing costs and our years of expertise will be shared with you. Our focus is always to source top-quality tenants who are keen to remain in your property and take care of it.

Not only do we use the standard property portals, as you would expect, we also work hard on constantly monitoring and adapting our own website’s SEO. This ensures your property’s net is cast as far as digitally possible. With more enquiries comes more choice. This means we can help you to select the people that will be in your best interests.

Modern technology is an important factor in today’s world but there’s a lot to be said for other methods too. We have personal connections with relocation networks, multinationals, embassies and other institutions. Your tenants need to be of the highest calibre so we don’t just rely on the Internet but also utilise good-old fashioned ‘talking to people’.

Once you have decided which tenant application you would like to progress with, we ensure that there is a stringent process to take them through, including agreeing terms of the tenancy, referencing, credit checking, all sorts of things to keep you and your investment safe. We will also support you in arranging extra requirements, which could include cleaning, gas safety checks, furniture provision and whatever else it takes.

When your new tenant is fully ensconced in their new home, Vita Properties are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to support them. This means that you, the landlord, can stay snuggled up warm in bed when they call because of a burst pipe at 3am or order another pina colada on the beach when they’ve locked themselves out. Our management response service handles all tenant contact and ensures the day-to-day maintenance is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

The key to maintaining your property in good order is the tenant’s goodwill. Our focus on strong, regular communication between all parties supports this.. It also keeps your expenditure to an absolute minimum by dealing with problems that arise before they become a mountain from a molehill. Mid-tenancy inspections and rent collection are also included as part of our management service.

Collecting rent is one of the most important parts of owning an investment property. Our state-of-the-art accounts system provides you with monthly statements so you, and we, can monitor everything closely. Monthly and annual statements, that include full income and expenditure breakdowns, are also produced for you to take away some of the stress from your tax returns.

While we’re talking finances, it’s worth mentioning that we are registered with the DPS, which are government Tenancy Deposit Schemes. We are also members of The National Landlord Association along with the UK Association of Letting Agents, which help us help you with up-to-date information about changes and improvements as they happen.

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