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Give your rental property a Spring MOT

Give your rental property a Spring MOT

A springtime property MOT will enable you to tackle any issues while the weather is favourable and before the peak season for hiring plumbers, builders, and other contractors. The harsh winter months can often cause small problems, and if those are left unfixed, they can grow rapidly. Ensuring that you keep on top of maintenance will mean that fewer issues will arise with your property, which can also lead to happier tenants. Here are the top five things that you should do this spring to ensure that your property is kept in tip top shape.



Blocked gutters and spring showers can cause damage to your property. To avoid leaks, always make sure that you clean out your gutters at least twice a year, once at the beginning of spring and once in the autumn once the leaves have stopped falling. 



Get on top of outdoor areas early, and they will be easy to maintain throughout the remainder of the spring and summer months. If your patio or paths are overrun with weeds, then clearing them promptly can prevent them from causing cracks and drainage issues. Once the paths and patio are clear, ensure that you fix or replace any broken patio slabs. Now is also the best time to prune trees to ensure that they aren’t encroaching where they shouldn’t be. 


Window and door seals

During periods of cold winter weather, wooden window and door trims may harden and crack. Repairing paintwork will help stop decay and keep leaks at bay. However, if degradation is already present and they are sufficiently damaged, it may be necessary to replace them.


Winter storms can give roofs a good battering, so take the opportunity that the warmer weather brings to give your roof a good inspection. Replacing missing or damaged tiles now can save you from expensive leaks later. Don’t forget to check your eaves for signs of nesting rodents, birds, or insects such as hornets. The earlier you find a problem and deal with it, the quicker and cheaper it is to solve. 


Bathroom extractor fan

Turn off the mains power switch, remove the cover, and soak it in soapy water. The inside of the fan also needs a good cleaning with a cloth and some bathroom cleaner. Make sure that it is fully dry before replacing the cover. Doing this will stop dirt and dust from getting in the way of the fan doing its job of preventing damp and mould in your bathroom.



Now is the ideal time to fix any issues with your plumbing, especially any to do with the heating. Autumn is the busiest time for plumbers, and in some areas, it can take up to three weeks for one to be available, so now is the best time to arrange for them to come and service your boiler or fix any niggling issues.

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Smoke Detectors

You shouldn’t wait until spring to check these, but if you haven’t checked them recently, ensure that they are working and replace the batteries if necessary. 


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